Latest Edition of Pacific Health Dialog Out Now

28th February 2018

The Pacific Health Dialog are pleased to inform its readership that “Our health and Our Cultures” is now available for all to access online.

This is the first edition of the Pacific Health Dialog that is Open Acess. This follows the decision by the Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) Board that research evidence should be freely accessible to readers, should they be clinicians, non-clinicians or researchers. The PMA Board is confident that this new development will improve the dialogue and exchange of health evidence in the Pacific region and beyond.

Since 1994, The Pacific Healthl Dialog has been the major health Journal in the Pacific, enabling clinicians and researchers to disseminate their workd to a wider scientific community. It’s last print issue was in 2013 before this Open Acess issue. The Open Acess format of the Journal is starting with the 21st volume.

The theme of the new issue emphasises the importance of cultural awareness in healthcare. The contents of the usse include:

  • A Pacific health eveidence flagship sails again
  • Impact of cultures on health
  • Cultural competency in healthcare
  • Is speaking a Pacific language protective of mental disorders
  • Traditional Pacific medicine in Dunedin New Zealand
  • Preventable health conditions in Pacific children
  • Telehealth in the Pacific
  • Live fish causeing airway obstruction

The Pacific Health Dialog (PHD) is the only Medline listed medical and public health journal published specifically for Pacific Island countries and promotes research related to the Pacific region with a focus on Community Health and Clinical Medicine.

The journal also covers a broad spectrum of topics including Pacific Island economic development, education, employment, social services and politics.

Editor in Chief,  Associate Professor Alec Ekeroma, encourages more researchers to submit papers to the journal and says “We are very proud of the work put into this publication and we look forward to continuing to promote and strengthen the Pacific research capacity.”

Enquiries from the media on any of the manuscripts are welcomed and more information, including the latest edition of Pacific Health Dialog can be found at


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