3 May 2016: Pasifika Medical Association website redesign

The Pasifika Medical Association (PMA) has rolled out a new website design to celebrate a 20 year milestone since the formation of the organisation.

The new design and layout has no drastic changes, but has a whole new feel. Gone are the blue headlines and the lengthy sidebar, replaced in favour of a Pacific motif background with more white space. The site now feels much easier on the eye.

“It’s about time for a revamp to maintain our identity,” says Debbie Sorensen, Pasifika Medical Association Chief Executive.

The redesigned site features a series of updates including profiles for PMA board members, supporters of PMA work and the article pages, which will now feature in the News section with a tab of its own to lead users to related stories.

The enhancements will also impact the business side.

“An emphasis on visuals gives the site the chance to capitalise on the growth of our members. The new site also sets the scene for our 20th year anniversary conference in August,” says Mrs Sorensen.

“Redesigning is a crucial step in our PMA work going forward. The website has undergone tweaks over the past few years, but this relaunch includes an entirely new back end that will form the site’s basis for years to come.”

“We like the new look and feel of our website. The clean feel really allows the viewer to focus on the key areas of PMA work that we are more inclined to concentrate on.”

“We hope our members, supporters and partners of PMA enjoy the new website and we will continue to update it on a regular basis to make sure that they get the best possible experience.”

Mrs Sorensen says the main reason for the PMA redesign is to provide current and potential members and partners with a better, more engaging user experience.

“For all the cosmetic changes to the site, the most significant changes are in the content.”

Changes to the PMA’s website appearance and design will be apparent for anyone familiar with the website. 2

The organisation hopes to significantly build their online presence to accommodate a growing client-base, expanding their vision as the organisation this year celebrates their 20th anniversary.

To see the new site, visit: http://pacifichealth.org.nz/


For more information contact Angie Enoka, Communications Manager on 021 809 137 or angie@pacifichealth.org.nz