American duo key speakers for conference


Dane Verret

Eskender Yousuf and Dane Verret have lot to bring to wow the participants of this year’s Pasifika Medical Association conference which is celebrating its 20th year anniversary.

Both are students from Minnesota, USA specialising in Evaluations with a working knowledge in Communications, Organisational Leadership, Policy and Development.

Eeskender, an inspiring intellect from Saint Paul, Minnesota obtained a Bachelor of Arts


Eskender Yousuf

degree in Communication Studies from University of Minnesota-Twin Cities and later received a Masters of Arts in Multicultural College Teaching and Learning. His subject areas are in research and evaluation include Black males, first-generation scholars, culturally congruent practices, problem-based approach to historical inquiry, and post-secondary student development.

He is currently a staff member at New Lens Urban Mentoring Society and an evaluation consultant. Eeskender strongly believes in cultivating the next generation of youth and guiding them towards a prosperous future.

Dane on the other hand is a culture-worker and researcher.

He is completing a Master of Arts in Organisational Leadership, Policy, and Development at the University of Minnesota.

He received his Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing and English Literature from Middlebury College.

To date his research focuses on the reclamation and application of indigenous Africana wisdom and Black Diaspora culture, to projects for community uplift.

He is currently investigating and co-creating a culturally-congruent program evaluation methodology as part of a team of Black male researchers in Minneapolis-Saint Paul.

Dane works as a consultant in culturally-rooted communications, program development, and placemaking.

PMA Chief Executive Debbie Sorensen says the aim is to bring inspiring speakers from outside the Pacific to talk about their areas of expertise, research and current issues in the world today.

The duo will be running a pre-session with Pacific Whānau Ora partners and providers a day prior to the PMA conference.