Dr Siniva Sinclair, Executive Board Member

Pasifika Medical Association board.Born and raised in Papua New Guinea, Dr Siniva Sinclair only came to New Zealand when she started medical school. She grew up in Papua New Guinea and has a passion to go back and assist where she can in what she describes as ‘an incredibly diverse environment, where the health challenges are enormous’.

“All over the world there remain huge disparities between the health of different populations. This is something that has always motivated me. I think of health as a basic human right. To share that out around the world, and the communities of New Zealand, is really important.

On top of this, we know that Pacific people are under-represented in the health system. I think this means that young Pacific people coming through might be able to make more of a difference than those who don’t have links to these communities and cultures. It makes for a more exciting career, with more potential”.