4,599 families receive support throughout Alert Level changes

4,599 Pacific families received support by various Pasifika Futures partners, including seven food hubs, three church hubs and three school hubs. This combined effort helped to distribute 125,558 adult and children’s masks as well as 1,540 food and education packs.

“Lots of families were in need of support,” says Lady Maliena Jones, the general manager of The Village Community Services Trust in Avondale. “Many of our families are casual workers who work shifts, and their shifts were cancelled. Thankfully, our foodbank was fully stocked, and we were ready to help.”

Lady Jones says that families have been calm and collected in asking for help during this lockdown, compared to the worry and uncertainty of previous lockdowns.

“Families have become familiar with the new norm. For us, we’ve had time and the experience to prepare and respond immediately as opposed to trying to figure everything out as we go”.

John Kiria from the Mt Wellington Integrated Health Service says each time the country goes into lockdown, Pacific families should not hesitate to ask for assistance from the organisations that are committed to serve their community.

“The message is to understand that help is available. Take away the pride and don’t be scared to reach out. We are in this together. We’ve been here before and we can do it again.”

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Date: Tuesday 23 February 2021