A Tongan nurse’s perspective of the Barcelona nursing conference

Eseta Finau Barcelona (1)

Eseta Finau mingling with participants at the Barcelona Nursing Conference

Eseta Finau represented the Pasifika Medical Association in her capacity as a Board Member and registered nurse at the 3rd World Congress on nursing conference held in Barcelona, Spain in April.

Mrs Finau was among many who took part in the Conference, which looks at ways nurses are revolutionising health and constructing a better care delivery system.

The conference showcases the work nurses are undertaking to drive policy changes to meet the health needs of patients.

“I am fortunate to be able to take part in these discussions on nursing initiatives which are revolutionising health, influencing policy and supporting our own policy in NZ and the Pacific regions to improving healthcare,” says Mrs Finau.

“The Conference was a great platform for nursing professionals and those working in the nursing field, enabling them to share their experiences in health practice, management and education in relation to health disparities, along with many other health-related topics.”

The first World Conference was held in 2015 in Deira, Dubai, and focused on areas like Innovations in Patient Care, Multi-Professional Practice and Nursing Practice Model Reform. The 2016 conference, held in Abu Dhabi focused on ‘Caring for Families in Nursing Practice’ – improving patient care outcomes and community health in general.

“This year’s Conference was a huge success and I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and networking with other participants. There aren’t many Pacific Island nurses attending this international conference and it’s an opportunity for me to listen in and take notes for the Pasifika Medical Association in my capacity as President of Tongan Nurses Association NZ.

“I was privileged to listen to some great presentations, especially on emerging research and advancements to healthcare systems. It is important we collaborate with other nurses throughout the world to look at opportunities and lessons learnt from their nursing practise and the conference offers us that opportunity.”

The conference brought together over 200 experts from 14 countries around the world.

Mrs Finau says it is a pathway to meet, interact and make develop connections with experts in the field of nursing.